Alex Cummaudo

Software Engineer + AI Researcher

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I'm Alex, an AI-focused research software engineer from Melbourne, Australia. I currently work under the Applied Artificial Intelligence Institute (A²I²) as an associate research fellow.

With industry experience in the education, research and commercial sectors, I have worked on writing and deploying iOS and large-scale web applications, low-level SDKs with C/C++, and machine learning data processing with Python. At A²I², I've been actively involved in R&D projects such as building an AI-based alphanumeric identification system and end-to-end data engineering pipelines. Currently, I am pursuing a research doctorate on improving software and AI integration for production systems.

I'm passionate about teaching programming as practically as possible, and have been doing so since 2014. I also love open source software and contribute to several open source projects in computer science education and higher education learning. I also previously worked as a resident tutor of software engineering at International House, a college of the University of Melbourne.

When I'm not busy tech'ing, you can find me hiking outdoors or restoring 80s and 90s Macintoshes!

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